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On our main tutorials below, you can find videos, texts and images that we made to help you access all the possibilities our app offers. Check them out and let us know your feedback here!

Making Sub-categories


Is it possible to creat sub-categories on the app?

Emailing recipes


I'm having a little trouble emailing recipes. The recipient can't get it to transfer to their OrganizEat app.

Adding pics from albums


Is there a way to add a picture from my phone's photo album to a recipe? When I click photo, it goes straight to camera and I want to get it from my album.

Moving recipes to another folder


Is there a simple way to move a recipe from one folder to another?

Saving from the Web


How can I save a recipe from a website into the app, without quitting the browser?

Arranging photos


How can I arrange my photos so that the food pic I want shows on the overview list?

Including the source


Is there a text field that I could use to include the source of the recipe?

Saving from non-supported Websites


How do I save a recipe from a website that doesn't support OrganizEat?

Deleting a recipe


How do I delete a recipe?

Deleting a photo


How do I delete a photo of the recipe?



My iPad, where I enter my recipes, and my phone won't sync. What should I do?

Editing folders


How can I change my folders?

Referral Program


How to use the Referral Program?