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I began developing OrganizEat when I wanted to move my recipes into the iPhone. I had a folder full of cutouts from magazines and handwritten notes. I also had a folder in my email box, where I used to send myself recipes from the internet. There were also yellow stick-notes bookmarks popping out from various cookbooks pages. What a mess! I thought it's about time I move it all into my iPhone, and have them with me always as I need it through the day: in the store checking for an ingredient, in the playground with other moms when we share dinner ideas, in the kitchen when I cook.

I looked for such an app, and just couldn't find one that suited my needs: most of the apps had their own recipes inside, while I wanted a place for my own recipes. Some expected me to actually type in all those recipes texts (seriously?). Others did allow to photo the recipes, but did not allow to save stuff from the web, which became a more and more dominant source of cooking inspiration by now. And finally, they all felt so alienated. I care for my recipe collection too much, I want a suitable home for it, a nice beautiful folder conveniently divided into sections, with elegant look and feel. Technology is great, it simplifies things so much, but it should also be beautiful, especially when it serves something like recipes: those are not just a bunch of cooking instructions.


Those are also memories, small talk topics, ways of self expression, and a close companion in every day life. The app I use for my recipes should be a place that respects all of this, not just a technical mean of storage. And I just couldn't find an app that is such a place. So being also a software developer with more than 10 years of experience, I started developing Organizeat - the app for my own recipes. Here it is. I am sure you'll love it.

~ by Rachel

Rachel Mislovaty

Mother of two girls and one app. 102 recipes and counting. Collecting recipes that look special, yet simple to prepare and something the kids would like.

Her special recipe is the girls' favorite: Spaghetti Bolognese.

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Michael Kariv

Software developer and healthy-living "fanatic". Michael loves preparing special dishes and practicing it to perfection. His favorite recipe is Tiramisu. But, being obsessed with health, he makes it only for birthdays.

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